ATM Buyer's Guide

Thinking about putting an automated teller machine at your place of business? There are a few points for consideration that we've discovered help our customers decide whether they need a machine and if so which machine would be best for their unique situation.

The first and most determinant sign that your business would benefit from an ATM machine is when you consistently overhear your customers asking “Where's the closest ATM?”.

Do you receive at least 150 customers' patronage on a daily basis? If so then you can likely anticipate regular usage of your new cash machine.

The purpose of having an ATM machine is satisfying the needs of your customers and other passersby. Having easy, available access to cash satisfies that need.

Do you have the connections for an ATM at your location? ATM transaction processing can be done one of two ways: through a standard telephone line or with a broadband connection. If you decide to go with the phone line you will need to have a dedicated phone line for the ATM, whereas with the broadband alternative you would need to run an Ethernet cable to the machine.

So the next question may be, where do you get an ATM machine? Searching online will lead to many websites (you found this site after all) that offer different brands and programs from leasing to buying.

If getting an ATM machine makes sense for you, the next question we encourage you to ask is “So which ATM is right for my business?”

Well, is your machine going to be placed outdoors or indoors? In either situation you also have to take into consideration the security of the machine and whether it will need to be an armored model. ATM Sales & Service can help you evaluate your ideal location and what model will work best for you. Feel free to contact us.

ATM companies and distributors alike look at one thing when deciding to place an ATM machine at a particular location: only a small percent of people at the location will actually see the ATM (3-5%). If you have 300 visitors to your location daily that would result in about 270 people using the ATM machine over the course of a month. If you charge a $3 surcharge that puts $810 in your pocket - assuming you own the machine. If your foot traffic is higher you will, of course, see a higher yield.

If you do purchase a machine, what happens when it breaks down or needs supplies?

If you own the machine you'll be responsible for maintenance, repairs and supplies. The great news is that ATM Sales & Service will be there for you. We not only service what we sell, we service ATM machines from other dealers.

What about ATM leases?

There are pros and cons to both leasing and buying. On the surface it may seem like a good idea because you can share the burden of the purchase with the ATM company. However if you do lease an ATM, you are still responsible for the cost of supplies and repairs. What if the machine is not what you had hoped for? It's important to read and understand the lease agreement.

When you work with ATM Sales & Service you'll find we make recommendations based on your specific locations, foot traffic and budget. This assures you get the right machine up front.