Triton Traverse

The Traverse communicates with the host via Triton Dynamic Language (TDL). The TDL platform is the backbone that supports faster processing, feature-rich software functionality, such as EMV and TDL Key Management (TKM). TKM is a security solution using cryptography to remotely load master keys directly from the host to the ATM across a public network. This allows ATM owners, especially those with large ATM fleets or those that operate in markets requiring master keys be changed frequently, to save time and money while improving security and increasing uptime, the company stated. Featuring a polished black finish, the unit has an eight-inch widescreen color LCD, a Genmega 1,000 note cash dispenser with removable, locking cassette, dial-up and TCP/IP communications, and a 58mm printer with graphic support. With a unique silhouette that provides privacy for the consumer, The Traverse is also quick-pick lottery capable.

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